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General Links:
Environment Canada Species at Risk
Endangered Species and Ecosystems in BC
The Georgia Strait Alliance

Purple Martin Links:
The following sites contain some information about the Western Purple Martin subspecies:
Western Purple Martin Foundation
BC Provincial Government's Purple Martin Species at Risk Brochure (up to 1997)
Purple Martin Conservation Association (PMCA) Spring Arrival Information
Purple Martin Preservation Alliance (PMPA)
The North American Bird Information Web Site

Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife - Purple Martin Webcam
These sites contain information about the eastern Purple Martin subspecies, or about Purple Martins in general:
Purple Martin Conservation Association
Purple Martin Preservation Alliance (PMPA)
The Purple Martin Society
New York Wild's Purple Martin Webcam

Bald Eagle Links:
BritishColumbia.com's Bald Eagle Page

Bullfrog Links:
Survey and Information about Bullfrogs in BC

Marbled Murrelet Links:
BC Provincial Government's Marbled Murrelet Species at Risk Brochure
Sustainable Ecosystems Institute's Marbled Murrelet Page
Simon Fraser University's Marbled Murrelet Recovery Team
Species at Risk Profile of Marbled Murrelets

Habitat Conservation Links:
Naturescape British Columbia

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