GBEARS is a Nanaimo, British Columbia based non-profit society of professional biologists dedicated to the understanding, protection, and restoration of native plant and animal species, habitats and ecosystems at risk within the Georgia Basin, as well as the study and control of invasive introduced species which present a threat to native species. We cooperate with other organizations with related interests in the Georgia Basin.

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“The Georgia Basin” links two nations, spans 135,000 sq. km and includes the Strait of Juan de Fuca, the Strait of Georgia, Puget Sound, the adjacent lowlands of Vancouver Island, the lower mainland and the slopes of the mountain ranges surrounding and draining into this area. The natural ecological systems in this area are among those most heavily affected by human land development and urbanization impacts in the Pacific Northwest.

As a result, the Canadian portion of the Georgia Basin may contain the largest number of endangered, threatened and vulnerable native animal and plant species of any area in BC. This area has also been invaded by many non-native animal and plant species of ecological concern.



Purposes of GBEARS: 

Environmentally assess native plants, animals, habitats and ecosystems at risk due to human activities and their impacts.

Study, control and eradicate invasive introduced plants and animals
of ecological concern for native species and habitats at risk.

Conserve native plants, animals, habitats and ecosystems adversely affected by human activities.

Restore fish and wildlife habitat degraded by human impacts.

Create and distribute educational programs for conservation of native plants, animals, habitats and ecosystems to schools and the general public.

Create and distribute educational materials and present workshops on restoration of fish and wildlife habitats, and the importance of these to human beings.


Contact Information

Georgia Basin Ecological Assessment and Restoration Society (GBEARS)


PO Box 41012, RPO Woodgrove
Nanaimo, BC, Canada
V9T 6M7
Phone/Fax: (250) 758-2922
E-mail Contact: Click here


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