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Bald Eagles

Though their population is currently stable or increasing, Bald Eagles (Haliaeetus leucocephalus) are considered of Special Concern within the Georgia Basin due to the ongoing loss of large old gnarled Douglas-fir nest trees and lack of suitable replacement trees to support their huge nests.

GBEARS participated with BC Hydro in the development of a Bald Eagle nest platform in an eagle territory where nest trees were scarce. The eagles have yet to build a nest on the platform, but we remain hopeful.

GBEARS also designed and produced a colour brochure about the importance of large old trees for Bald Eagle nest trees in the Georgia Basin, which is distributed by request to environmental groups, naturalists, and schools to increase public awareness about this issue. Please contact us if you would like to request copies of this brochure for your group or organization.

For more information, visit our Bald Eagle Links.

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